Drink wine, eat out, have fun, dance a lot, swear, do all of the things you want to do because…life is short.

In my heart I’m actually 25 and I don’t even need to think about anti-ageing.  That’s the thing, everything changes around you but you feel exactly the same inside, am I right?  I recently did a video for my favourite skincare brand and was asked in the comments had I had botox in my forehead and fillers in my lips.  I felt like it was a very personal question but given I chose to put myself on the internet I answered all the same.   No.   However it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t.  Once I got over trying to decide if I felt personally victimised or complimented it made me think about the things that I do try to do to keep ageing at bay so I thought I would share.

  • Protect yourself from sun damage.  I live in Queensland now.  For anyone reading in the northern hemisphere it is bloody hot here.  Not all the time BUT even in the short space of a year I have seen changes in my skin.  I have more visible pores now, because I perspire a lot more.  I have more freckles that have appeared.  My skin is darker.  Now all of these things have happened even though I wear factor 50 everyday.  Its not enough. There needs to be a physical barrier like a hat, rashies in the pool/beach, umbrella/parasol.  I know I never thought I would need an umberella living in Australia but I do.  Like ALOT.
  • Hyaluronic Acid, I first read about it in the Sali Hughes beauty bible Pretty Honest, she has similarly amazing manuscripts since but I had another baby and no longer have time to pee in peace so I’ve never read any more of them.  Anyway.  Imagine a raisin sitting in a glass of water for a week…take it out it will be all plump and juicy.  Imagine a raisin.  I know what one I’d rather be.  My go to hyauronic acid serum is by baimeni.  I love her whole skincare range and suggest you buy all of it and use it every day.
  • Only sleep on silk.  I take my silk pillow case EVERYWHERE.  After sleeping in bed with a baby attached to my nipple for the last 9 months I now opt for the face down, features squished, drool worthy sleep that new mamas literally dream of while they rock, walk and bounce their babies reminiscing of the sleep the once had.  If I do any of this kind of sleeping on a cotton pillow case I get creases welded into my skin.  When I sleep on silk it does not.  Its also a lot kinder to your hair. Au revoir frizzies.
  • Apply your skin products before bed.  Do all of your anti-ageing activities before you go to sleep.  So take your supplements before you sleep, do a face massage, cleanse, tone and moisture moisture moisture before bed.  I even drink a massive glass of water before bed.  When you sleep your body is super effective at regeneration.  So it makes perfect sense that this is the time to give it your best shot.
  • Drink wine, eat out, have fun, dance a lot, swear, do all of the things you want to do because…life is short.  I would much rather have a few laughter lines, good memories, fun times and happy children than denying myself of all the things that make life easier, more fun and manageable.  Im not saying do it all of the time but I would say most of the time and I think we all know when we overdo it then its time to cut it back.  Or not.  No one has the right to tell you what you should do.  After all for if all of these other things don’t work there’s always the botox & fillers.

What’s your secret weapon for anti-ageing?

I’d love to know.  One last thing I would add is applying your makeup with my custom buffing brush will help you look more youthful whilst wearing makeup.  If you want a quick, flawless application that buffs over blemishes and fine lines you might want this hero brush in your arsenal.  Check it out here.