Are you not used to wearing makeup and you don’t want to look like a drag queen? Or do you love makeup but your just not sure what look to go for!  It can be such a fine line between feeling special and confident and feeling like you look very different to how you usually look.  I love a natural finish to makeup but that still means you are wearing a beautiful application of professional products which will last and look great in your wedding photos as well as real life.  I love working with my brides and doing their wedding makeup in brisbane and I have collected a few tips along the way!

Have a trial to get to know each other.

You and your makeup artist will be spending some time together on your wedding day so making sure you click is a really good idea!  You will want someone who can make you feel at ease and have fun with.  Arrange the day for when you have a special event and wear the makeup out.  Take pictures, look in the mirror and make sure you like all the details.  Plus don’t be afraid to report back if you have changes and tweaks.  Remember you are an individual and wedding makeup shouldn’t be one size fits all.

It’s your choice.

Whatever look you go for your wedding day makeup you have to be in love with it so be true to yourself.  Maybe you are a vintage gal at heart and you know classic red lips and a flicked out black liner is so you well let that be your look.  Similarly if you LOVE smokey eyes then that what you should have.  Even though I love natural makeup for weddings you can still have a kick ass smokey eye and be bridal.  It is about you feeling happy and confident. Have a look through my bridal gallery for inspiration.

Research looks.

Seek out looks that you love as well as being honest about what you usually do with your makeup.  Send photos through of you on a big night out.  Often when you arrive for your trial you will be asked to come fresh faced but having a knowledge of the level of makeup you usually wear will help your makeup artist get the level of makeup you like.  It great to have inspiration pics but remember nothing will be a carbon copy plus you will want your makeup artist to adjust the look to enhance your individual features.

Prep your skin.

I highly recommend thinking about your skincare routine as soon as you get engaged, or even before! You deserve beautiful skincare everyday and the added benefit is that your skin will be in great condition in time for the big day.  For me I love natural skincare and I have seen amazing results even with the most serious skin conditions.  Say yes to monthly facials (what a treat!) and maintain your skin at home weekly with an amazing plant based face oil, lots of facial massage and a skin serum with Hyaluronic Acid.  I also love a good toner to keep your pores tight and clean.  If you are having your wedding makeup in Brisbane you might want to look into skincare range that is balancing if you are on the oily side which will help keep your skin looking its best for your big day. Read up on my tips for anti ageing which also apply for keeping your skin in its optimum health.

Treat yourself to a few wedding day essentials.

I would always recommend you have your own lipstick to top up with and a facial mist to freshen your skin throughout the day. I would also choose a natural fragrance to have with you plus the scent will always remind you of your big day.  Wedding makeup in Brisbane can present a challenge because of the humidity so its a great idea to have a buffing brush on hand and a light powder.