So why do I love natural wedding makeup? Slowly over the last few years I’ve become to realise how harmful chemicals are for us, our skin, our health. It happened when my son suffered a skin condition so I went natural.  However I hadn’t yet transitioned my professional makeup kit.  I just wasn’t sure what was out there and would it perform as well?? I was worried my clients wouldn’t recognise the ethical beauty brands I had fallen in love with.  Can you have clean and natural makeup for your wedding day and will it be just as beautiful, as long lasting as you hope? The answer is yes!

Will it last?

The natural ingredients used in the serums, primers and oils that I use to prep your skin will blow you away with their skin benefits.  Not only are you giving your makeup an amazing base to last and look great you are actually applying active natural ingredients that are plumping your skin, smoothing your skin and kicking your cells into action.  I love that when I’m applying a natural primer it’s not just about filling up your pores to create a smoother surface.  Green beauty is smart you will be amazed how the ingredients work!  You want examples don’t you… well here’s just a few:

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring acid in the body.  It works by grabbing the moisture and holding it filling out and plumping up the skin.  Do you love that idea?  I do!  What about Rose Oil?   This powerful botanical firms and tones the skin, gently balances sebum production and has anti-inflammatory properties…yes please!  Oat Milk is used as an antioxidant, skin-conditioning agent, emollient, is an anti-inflammatory and is the base for one of my favourite foundations.  This will have you looking dewy and glowing for your big day!

Does Natural Makeup Flashback?

What is flashback?  It’s when in a picture you look like you’ve got a white face and a brown(er) body because of a stark flash used in photography.  No using natural/organic makeup is not going to ruin your wedding photos.  It’s unlikely when you are investing in a good wedding photographer they’ll be using their flash in such a manner.  Yes mineral makeups have a high proportion of light reflective ingredients but you can be rest assured in the knowledge you are glowing from within.   Your makeup will be completely toxin free, safe for your skin and your endocrine system.  It is also worth noting with lots of conventional makeup brands, yes even MAC, you run a risk of flashback alas it has happened to me.

Will the makeup look as good?

I love to create individual looks that suit your style and personality.  Some of my favourite colour palettes are shimmery rose and antique golds, soft matte lavenders, burnished reds and earthy browns.  Not to mention the blackest blacks for sheer smouldering eyes. I like to use Kylies Professional Mineral Eyeshadows the pigment in these shadows knocked me over when I got my first look at them they rival that of their much less clean counterparts. As for base products I definitely have my favourites for a flawless, natural finish you will not be disappointed.  I’m spoilt for choice for highlighters and lips are also plumped and accentuated with my favourite reds, fushias, corals and nudes. I have luxurious natural products to suit everyone in your bridal party.


Can natural makeup with stand the weather ?

Wedding makeup in Brisbane can present a challenge because of the humidity so its a great idea to have a buffing brush on hand (my vegan friendly buffing brush is awesome) and a good powder.  The natural makeup brands I use do powder foundations really well which will add coverage and also help protect from shininess.  My favourite is 100% derived from natural ingredients by Gemma Vendetta and can rival the old MAC skin finish any day pop over to her website I LOVE her approach and ethos.  If you like a lighter coverage, glowier finish my go to is the flawless silk powder by Lily Lolo, similar to the Hourglass powders in finish but all natural and vegan friendly.

So yes ECO LUXE wedding makeup is most definetly a thing and an enviable thing at that!  Not only will your makeup last when you choose clean, natural, synthetic free makeup for your wedding day but you will be glowing inside and out.  I am available for eco friendly wedding makeup in your home or venue across the Brisbane & Sunshine coast areas.  You can learn more about my makeup artistry here. Or view my gallery and book me in for a trial you will love it!

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