Something that really has saved my sanity whist raising young kids has been my business and my blog.  Having an online space that I can call my own and use as a bit of a journal has been the best thing that I have discovered to keep just for me.  It’s quite a personal achievement that I have created my own website.  Here’s some of my top business advice:

Here’s a few of my top tips to launch your own business:

Just get started– it’s never going to be perfect.  Nothing is perfect (apart from my Coco’s little perfect baby toes) but really just get started.  It really doesn’t matter as honesty the whole world is not looking at you and even if you just see it as your personal project at first just start somewhere.

Babysteps are good– Brainstorm a name and if you think of something you love check the username on instagram is free.  If you need help with this that is something I can achieve when you book a social media start off with me.  Also check the domain names you want.  I use Siteground for my domain & hosting.  I find them to be really helpful as I am not a technical person and definitely not a web developer.

Set it up right first time:  If you are going to be blogging I found that setting myself up on WordPress was the best thing I could have done. If it’s an online shop you want to create try some of the templates on Shopify.  This system makes it super easy and you could be selling through your social channels buy the end of the day only spending 9USD a month…hardly anything!

Buy a stunning template-  my template came from Bluchic.  I am so happy I found these guys not only to they give you amazing designs but they also give you a guide to follow to create every little element in your website. They are available by email if you need a hand!  Its like I have them holding my hand throughout.  You will love their designs there’s a particularly amazing choice of feminine and stunning designs that really make you look good.

Get a bit of technical help  – reserving my domain name and things were probably the easiest parts for me.  I’ve definitely needed help with the more technical stuff.  When I’ve ran into trouble its great to have someone who actually knows what they are doing.  If you have a budget for your setup I highly recommend getting in touch with Nicki from Mara Communications she can literally do all the work for you and make sure your website in top notch as well as bespoke!

Find some business buddies –  Finally its never fun trying to nut things out on your own.  Finding some fellow new business owners is a great idea as you can really bounce ideas off each other and keep momentum going and obtain some business advice.  That’s something I really need to work on here in Brisbane so if you are a local hit me up!!

What do you think?  Could you do a little something today to start you on your way in business? If you’d like assistance in starting up in business ask me about my social media start up packages.  I do start up’s, social media management and content creation that can assist your brand in ticking along nicely freeing you up to focus on what you do best!   If you are interested in chatting business with me I’d love to meet up…I’m always available on email x