Maybe you’ve got an autoimmune disease and you started using natural products to ease your symptoms?  Perhaps you are trying for a baby and you want to limit the number of toxins entering your bloodstream. Maybe you just love using natural, cruelty free and vegan makeup because you love them and you prefer to tread a little more gently on our planet.  Do you have to chuck away your values for your wedding day- nope!   As a natural wedding make up artist in Brisbane I’m here to let you know you don’t have to compromise.

Will my makeup last?

Yes, when you invest in a good natural makeup artist and you will find your natural wedding make up will last even in the humid Brisbane weather.  The thing about eco makeup artistry is there is a mix of slightly different technique and very different product which sometimes you have to use in slightly different ways to get the desired results.

Can I have lashes?

Oh of course you can!  The beauty of natural wedding makeup is that there is free choice.   I have a mix of latex and latex free glue and I use cruelty free lashes that I apply in clusters to your own lashes so build up for a natural look to something super dramatic.

Is natural makeup only for perfect skin?

No- I can use my natural makeup in particular ways to create coverage in the areas that you need it and keep it looking natural and skin like in its finish.  In the meantime spend your time and energy in seeking some help with your skin if you think you need it (ask me for recommendations), committing to a consistent skincare routine and focusing on all of the great things that you love. I also recommend looking into your diet- an anti inflammatory diet is a good start if you are experiencing flare ups and break outs- remember stress doesn’t help either- be kind to yourself.

Do you only do natural looks?

There’s a difference between natural makeup looks and using natural, vegan, and cruelty free makeup.  I love doing natural wedding makeup it is my speciality but I also love doing more dramatic looks.  One of my favourite wedding looks was a Gatsby themed glitter eye and plum stained lips.  Natural can still mean drama!

Can you do oily skin?

Truth there is more natural skincare and makeup out there to suit dry skin, I’m not going to lie.  If you are really oily or you know your face sweats profusely let me know on your trial and we’ll stick to mineral powder foundation.  Your job is to make sure you are looking after your skin on the run up to the wedding.  Don’t over strip your skin using harsh cleansers- it won’t help your skin in the end.

Can I use my favourite lipstick?

Yup you sure can.  I’m a natural makeup artist that uses 100% natural vegan and cruelty free products, I’m not vegan myself and I still sometime will use a few of my favourite non natural favourites on myself (I have a Stila Palette I can’t say goodbye to and a few Shanghai Suzys that I love for the colour pop and although are vegan are not as natural in their ingredients as I’d like) BUT this is about free choice and every little bit helps.  If you want to use you signature lipstick yes you completely can if you’d like a natural alternative I can pick you one out.

You can book me in for an eco makeover at my studio in Bardon The Eco Makeup Bar if you’d like to try out natural makeup book here. Me and my natural makeup kit travel so please enquire if your wedding is not in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast to Byron Bay.  If you are a makeup junkie and you want to read more technical details or you are in the industry keep reading for The Truth about Natural Wedding Makeup.

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