Hi I’m Amy I’m a make up artist and writer living in Brisbane, Australia. It may come as a surprise but I grew up in Scotland and I have the accent to match. When it comes to my approach to makeup I want you to look like you, I do makeup to suit you as an individual. You are unique.

When I find something beautiful about you I tell you. When I do your makeup you look gorgeous because thats whats in your heart. Most of all you feel great inside and that’s what I love. I call it positive beauty. Im trying to write a book about it and if i manage it by the time my girls are old enough to read it I will be happy.

Makeup DIY is my way of bringing this feeling into your ensuite, your bathroom mirror, the compact in your handbag. Beauty is accessible and easy, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to look great and it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Its something you can make time for even if you have children biting your ankles. I will show you how.

I contemplated changing my business name recently but if you’ve owned a business you will hear talk about being your ‘authentic self’. This is something I have never had a problem with.  You can trust when you book me for your wedding or special event it is me who will appear at your door.

“I am a woman of many talents… juggling a glass of wine, changing a nappy whilst simultaneously posting to instagram is just one of them.”


Obsessed with: Coffee and wine (obviously), highlighter, tan leather, trying to be brave

My style: quirky with class, I can do big print & colour for events, but everyday I like to layer neutrals in my wardrobe and make up collection, I like to chose the un-obvious option

Couldn’t live without: My husband, girlfriends, baby snuggles, highlighter and a good buffing brush

Saviours: guided meditation, family & friends with no distance restraint, my kids who never judge me, new stories, people

Goals: keep momentum, spread my message, make my kids proud of me

Loves: music, baths with oil, shopping, champagne, fresh flowers, amazing coffee