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5 Ways to have a Stress Free Wedding Morning

You’ve been planning for months and maybe even years.  How do you keep your cool when it comes to it and you’ve woken up feeling like it’s Christmas morning? I’ve been around on a few wedding mornings including my own and here’s my run down on 5 ways to have a stress free wedding morning […]

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Me Time- learn how to do your own makeup.

How to do your own makeup

Do you ever feel like you just want to get away for a bit?  Just an hour or so where you can have time to yourself that’s not going to a bar, getting your nails done or a movie.  All of which I agree are great options…can you invite me?!  Well, welcome to ‘Me Time’ […]

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My top 5 anti-ageing secrets

Anti-ageing is not all just Cloak & Dagger… Drink wine, eat out, have fun, dance a lot, swear, do all of the things you want to do because…life is short. In my heart I’m actually 25 and I don’t even need to think about anti-ageing.  That’s the thing, everything changes around you but you feel […]

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