Natural Makeup to Celebrate You.

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Red Carpet Makeup Inspired Wedding Makeup

Lily Collins looks bronzed and sultry but by keeping to a neutral palette you can go smokey whilst staying sophisticated and soft. What to ask for… Ask for a bronzed wash of eye colour, lots of lashes and a monocromatic look using similar tones for eyes, contour and lips. How to make it work for […]

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How to make a start in business.

Something that really has saved my sanity whist raising young kids has been my business and my blog.  Having an online space that I can call my own and use as a bit of a journal has been the best thing that I have discovered to keep just for me.  It’s quite a personal achievement […]

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Me Time- learn how to do your own makeup.

Do you ever feel like you just want to get away for a bit?  Just an hour or so where you can have time to yourself that’s not going to a bar, getting your nails done or a movie.  All of which I agree are great options…can you invite me?!  Well, welcome to ‘Me Time’ […]

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